Nam Nao national park chief calls on tourists to keep it clean


PETCHABOON – Nam Nao national park chief Uthai Chansuk said Thailand’s national parks are now growing more popular among tourists but the increased number of visitors might cause adverse impacts such as the degradation of natural resources.

The park chief called on tourists and other people to dump garbage outside the park by putting it in given black plastic bags and leave them outside the national park area or at the park’s checkpoint so that the forestry and wildlife in the park will be safe from pollution caused by waste.

Nam Nao national park covers an area of approximately 603,750 rai or 966 square kilometers of land in Petchaboon province’s Lom Sak district and Nam Nao district and Chaiyapoum province’s Khon San district.

The park area generally consists of high mountains which pose as a boundary line between the Northeast and the North. It is viewed as one of the most beautiful national parks in Thailand.