NACC reminds Cabinet members to declare assets by Oct 3


BANGKOK, 17 September 2014 – The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) has reiterated that all Cabinet ministers are required to file their asset declarations by October 3 before the details are made public in the following month.

Deputy Secretary-General of the NACC Worawit Sukboon has met with the Cabinet in order to clarify the procedures involved in the declaration of their assets and liabilities. He stressed that related documents must be submitted to the NACC within 30 days after their swear-in ceremony or no later than October 3. Afterwards, the acquired information is due to be publicized on November 2.

Besides the ministers themselves, their spouses and children under the legal age must also go through the asset examination process.

As for the prohibition of ministers from holding more than five percent shares in a private company, Mr Worawit noted that exceptions can be made if the ministers notify the NACC of their violation in 30 days after official appointment. The shares must also be transferred to another juristic person appointed as a nominee within 90 days.

Mr Worawit affirmed that the NACC is approaching the asset scrutiny process with the same standard as that used on previous governments. He added that the assets and liabilities of each member of the National Legislative Assembly which were declared earlier are now ready to be disclosed to the public on October 3.