Myanmar to try 10 Thais charged with arms or drug possession Monday


RANONG, July 29- A Myanmar court was set to try 10 Thai detainees who were charged with weapon or drug possession on Monday. 

If found guilty, the highest possible penalty is life imprisonment, according to a source from the Thai-Myanmar coordination centre.

Ten Thai nationals, accused of weapon or drug possession, were earlier detained among the group of 92 Thais on July 4 for alleged illegal encroachment into Myanmar territory in Koh Song opposite Ranong’s Kra Buri district.

After the court in Koh Song last week ruled over the case of 92 Thais and handed down jail term of three years and six months for deforestation and illegal entry into Myanmar territory.

The Myanmar authorities submitted related document related to the matter to its government in order to further consider mitigating the jail sentences or granting pardons.

Meanwhile, the investigation and questioning process relevant to other charges is underway.

Regarding a report that Myanmar will free the first batch of female Thai detainees on August 12, the source from the Thai-Myanmar border coordination centre said that so far there has not yet been any confirmation on this matter.

Col Pornsak Poonsawat, chairman of Thailand-Myanmar Township Border Committee (TBC) on the Ranong-Koh Song side, said the Koh Song court procedure runs until all legal processes have finished while pardons will be considered by the Myanmar government.