Multicolored shirt group called for examination of government s policy


BANGKOK, 23 August 2011 -The multi-colored shirt people have submitted a petition to the Speaker of the House of Representatives to examine Pheu Thai’s policy, citing their belief it could harm the economy of Thailand. 

Group leader Dr Tul Sittisomwong said he had found inconsistency in Pheu Thai’s policy statement and their political campaign. He expressed his fear for impact on the society and economy if the policy was being implemented.

Meanwhile he explained the multi-colored shirt group rally was not to protest against the government but to call for an investigation into the policy to make sure it had not been intended to favor a particular person.

Issues that raised his concerns include the proposal to amend the Constitution, the 10 million THB compensation for families of late Red Shirt members and the 300 THB wage scheme. Dr. Tul added that the government should focus on controlling product prices rather than raising the daily wage.