More violence from ‘losing face’


In the early hours of November the 17th police were called to a pool hall not far from the Hollywood Pub where a group of teenagers were causing a disturbance.

The police found the 5 young men who were all drunk and acting loudly, they were searched and 3 pieces of wood and a foot long knife were taken as evidence.

They were taken to the station where police were able to ascertain that at least two of these men had been responsible for an attack on a Chinese architect earlier the same evening.

It transpired that the architect was working on an interior of a local hotel and that the young men were carrying out the work; however the architect was not happy with their work and shouted at them.

This of course angered the young men, who might have been hopeless tradesmen but were ashamed to lose face to a foreigner so rather than complaint to their boss they took matters into their own hands and attacked the architect.

The two young men were charged for the attack and the others charged with causing a disturbance.