More than 1m meth pills seized in Lampang Province


LAMPANG, 13 June 2013 Lampang police arrested a Hmong couple while carrying more than 1 million methamphetamine pills on their truck from the North with a destination in Bangkok. 

Following the arrest, Adviser to the Police Narcotic Suppression Commission Pol-Gen Priewpan Damapong and Deputy Commissioner General of the Royal Thai Police, Police General Somyod Poompanmuang visited the province to observe the investigation.

According to the provincial police, the suspected pickup truck was intercepted on the Lampang-Ngao highway in Ban Dong Subdistrict while heading from Chiang Rai towards Bangkok. In their search of the truck, police found the drugs packed in 10 large traveling bags. The couple confessed that the pills were to be sent to customers in Bangkok, and they were paid 2 million baht for the delivery, which was their second time.

The suspects also brought their child along pretending to be on a sightseeing trip, to avoid police attention.