More Deaths due to Drugs


At 10pm on June the 4th Banglamung police were called to Soi Chaipornvithi 15 as there had been an incident involving a firearm.

At the scene they found a 25 year old Thai man who had been shot in the chest and head, he was in a bad way and was immediately transferred to Bangkok Hospital Pattaya however he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The man is rushed to hospitalThe man is rushed to hospital

Witnesses said they heard a number of shots and a motorbike speeding through the street, when they came out of their houses they found the man lying beside his motorbike.

Others stated that an unfamiliar man was in the soi the night before checking out the deceased.

The dead mans mother said that before the incident someone had telephoned her son and called him out for some discussions, not long after she heard the gunshots, went out and seen her son lying on the ground.

Police believe the assassination may have been motivated by unsettled drug deals as the dead man had a criminal record involving illegal drugs.

The man is rushed to hospital

The man is rushed to hospital