More cases of exorbitant charges from mobile phone games in the South


PHANG-NGA, 26 June 2014  – Several complaints of exorbitant charges resulting from mobile phone games have been made in the south. One particular bill in Phang-Nga was reported to be as high as 116,000 baht.

The case was reported by a family in Kapong District in the province, where a nine-year-old boy played the popular online games called ‘Cookie Run’ and ‘Dragon Story’, on a mobile phone and had unknowingly spent the extraordinary sum of money on the games’ in-app purchases.

The mother of the child, Weena Jadjing, pleaded her case to the media, after receiving the shocking bill. At first she had no idea where the expenses came from, as her phone had been registered in an economic service package. The games’ in-app purchase costs were charged separately from the monthly payment.

Mrs. Weena admitted the incident is similar to what has happened to other families making the headlines earlier in the week. The single mother has no means of paying the bill as her late husband is long deceased.