MOPH orders hospitals to gear up for upcoming floods


BANGKOK, 29 July 2011– The Ministry of Public Health has instructed all hospitals to be prepared to provide services amidst anticipated heavy flooding after stormy conditions were forecast by the Thai Meteorological Department.

Previously, the Meteorological Department issued a warning that Thailand would be facing several storms this year and torrential rains and flashfloods similar to last year could be seen in all regions. As a response, Permanent Secretary for Public Health MD Paichit Warachit stated that the Ministry had tasked its flood war room to follow up weather reports and the overall situation nationwide closely.

The Permanent Secretary stressed that all hospitals in flood-prone areas, particularly those located along the Chao Phraya River, must find ways to prevent possible inundation, such as building a floodwall, in order to be able to continue providing medical services for patients. Other hospitals in dry areas will also have their emergency medical teams on standby in case help is needed in flooded zones.

Moreover, MD Paichit elaborated that up to 100,000 sets of medicines for water-borne diseases had been prepared while more were being rapidly produced by the Government Pharmaceutical Organization.