Monk caught shoplifting


On the afternoon of September the 16th police were called to a 7-11 in front of the V.C Hotel south Pattaya as the staff were detaining a monk who has stolen some goods from the shop.

At the scene, the employees along with a police volunteer and some locals were surrounding the monk, discussing his actions.

The police examine the items stolen by the monk.

The police were presented with the items that the monk had stolen a padlock, a memory card reader and an ear piece for a mobile phone worth a total value of 547 baht.

The monk stated that he had been ordained at a temple in Bangkok and had came to Wat Chaiyamongkol in  South Pattaya to study dharma, he confessed to stealing the item saying that he had no income and needed them.

The manager of the store did not want to press charges against the monk, whom he considered to be a spiritual being and the monk withdrew some cash from the ATM to pay for the goods before being released by the police.