Ministry of Social Development raises awareness about human trafficking


BANGKOK – The Thai government is trying to prevent human trafficking in all areas, while educating people about its causes via exhibitions and activities. 

Permanent Secretary for Social Development and Human Security Maitree Intusut presided over the opening ceremony of an anti-human trafficking event in front of MBK Center.

Mr. Maitree said human trafficking is a form of human rights violation and a threat to national security. Poverty and the lack of education often lead to people falling victim to human traffickers.

The government has made human trafficking prevention a national agenda and set up an agency to look into the problem, prosecuting people smugglers and those involved, as well as helping the victims. Mr. Maitree said cooperation from all sectors is needed in order to keep human trafficking at bay.

The event is aimed at raising awareness about human trafficking and the agencies that reach out victims and those at risk.