Ministry of Labor initiates program to improve workers for 10 SME sectors


BANGKOK – The Ministry of Labor has put together a program to prepare workers for the nation’s 10 targeted SME industries as part of the government’s drive towards Thailand 4.0.


Permanent Secretary for Labor ML Boontrik Smiti has opened the “STEM Workforce towards Thailand 4.0” program, a project aimed at producing laborers with a foundation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) disciplines to supply small and medium enterprises targeted for development by the government.

The aim of the improved workers is to reduce work time, capital costs and enhance management in 10 sectors. In 2017, 180 businesses have signed on to help develop at least 10,000 laborers who are to reduce production costs by a combined 300 million baht.

The Ministry of Labor is also partnering with the Federation of Thai Industries to enact civil-state approaches to improving labor training. Twelve institutes have been pinpointed to be turned into specialized high level training centers.


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