Ministry of Commerce to open must-visit markets in 77 provinces


The Ministry of Commerce is planning to open must-visit markets in every province of Thailand by the end of this year under the government’s civil state policy to promote the local economy.

Floating market, near Bangkok, Thailand, Southeast Asia, Asia

Speaking after an opening ceremony of a ‘must-visit market’ in Nonthaburi, Ministry of Commerce’s Inspector General Ittipong Kunakonbodin said the market serves as a channel for local communities and businesses to sell and promote their goods.

The same project has been initiated in 73 provinces across Thailand.

On the same day, a must-visit market was initiated in Pattani where Ministry of Commerce’s Inspector General Whichai Phochanakij presided over the opening ceremony.

The landscape surrounding the market underwent a face-lift to make the site more attractive to visitors. Signs giving directions and descriptions of shops were made of durable materials. Shopkeepers have been told to ensure that every product has a price tag on.


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