Ministers unperturbed by questions on national strategy legislation


BANGKOK – Members of the government have brushed off worry over a request submitted to the ombudsman for the Constitution Court to review draft legislation for a national strategy as the draft already passed through public forums.

Prime Minister’s Office Minister Suwit Mesinsee, as head of the special committee on the national strategy draft, has responded to political groups asking that the Constitution Court rule on the validity of the draft as it did not pass through public vetting in accordance with section 77 of the interim constitution by saying that the claim is untrue. Assuring the draft was put through public forums, the minister said officials have no concerns even if the legislation is brought before the Constitution Court.

The sentiment was echoed by Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Kreau-ngam who said that the process was accountable and that the National Reform Steering Assembly performed its due diligence ahead of the draft’s presentation. He mentioned that the draft was even revamped after being put to the Cabinet for its approval.

The DPM reminded that the new Constitution mandates the need for a national strategy that is completed within 120 days after it is promulgated, thus work to draft the plan must begin now.