Military not imposing martial law


BANGKOK, 2 April 2014  – Army Chief Gen Prayuth Chan-Ocha says there is no need to invoke martial law, while also urging all sides to respect the justice system. 

Gen Prayuth has denied rumors of a possible imposition of martial law on April 5th when both pro and anti-government protesters plan to stage mass rallies, giving an assurance that the army has no plan to instigate martial law. The rumor began after fears were widely expressed that violent incidents or clashes could develop between the two rival groups.

He asserted that checkpoints would be set up at over 170 locations while necessary measures would be taken to maintain law and order, as well as to ensure the safety of all citizens.

He also called on all sides to respect the justice system, saying nobody is above the law and that everyone has to respect the court system.

The People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) and the United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD) are planning to stage mass rallies on the same day, April 5th. The PDRC will be calling for pre-election national reform while the UDD will be uniting to protect the country’s democracy.


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