Meteorological Department forecasts abundant rains but less than last year


BANGKOK, 10 February 2012 -Deputy Director General of the Meteorological Department Somchai Baimuang said as global warming begins to take its toll, Thailand could either be experiencing cooler temperature or more rains this year.

Mr. Somchai cited the unusually cold weather in Europe when it should have been the beginning of a warmer season. He added that over the past two years the ice in the North Pole had started melting which readily affects how the earth insulates heat from the ground.

The Deputy Director-General said his department will monitor whether there would be direct impact on Thailand. If the phenomenon expanded lower, he further explained that Thailand could expect lower temperatures or more rains.

He also mentioned the unusual weather in northern and northeastern parts of Thailand which remain cold despite the transition to summer at this time of the year. Taking into account the influence of La Nina which still remains in this region, Mr. Somchai said Thailand could experience more rains similar to the situation in 2011 although a lower volume of rains has been anticipated.