Members of the royal lineage publicly oppose amnesty bill


BANGKOK, 4 November 2013 Members of the royal lineage have made a stance to protect the monarchy – calling for the government to take action on those who have defamed the royal family. Maj. Gen. Prince Julajerm Yukol intends to oppose the amnesty bill being presented to His Majesty the King. 

Maj. Gen. Prince Julajerm Yukol called a meeting of royal lineage representatives and important political figures to discuss the current political situation in Thailand, which was held at the Bangkok International Preparatory & Secondary School on November 3.

In one of the topics of discussion, a play at Thammasat University performed on October 13 was referred to as having inappropriate materials directed towards His Majesty the King. Maj. Gen. Prince Julajerm and M.L. Panadda Diskul have posed the question of whether or not the palace would take action to protect the royal institution on accounts of more and more defamation directed towards the monarchy.

In regard to the amnesty bill, after it passes Parliament, Maj. Gen. Prince Julajerm claimed that he intends to protest against the bill being presented to His Majesty the King, as not only would it put His Majesty under unnecessary public pressure, numerous people of the country also disagree with the bill.

Maj. Gen. Prince Julajerm went on to say that the royal lineage group’s meeting was not politically motivated, and that any loyal subject who wished to join the movement could and would be