Members of public give suggestions on country reform


BANGKOK, 3 July 2014  – The Ministry of Defense has organized a seminar to gather public opinions on national reform as both the government and the public sector took part in the event. 

As Thailand has adopted a parliamentary, democratic form of government, with the King as Head of State under the Constitution, there must be an election as a mechanism to select both House and Senate members to administer the country.

Following the military seizure of power by the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), the Ministry of Defense and the King Prajadhipok’s Institute have joined hands in organizing a seminar to hear opinions from members of the public regarding national reform.

The seminar provided all sides with opportunities to give suggestions and propose possible solutions that could lead to a national reform and a sustainable democracy. Since the NCPO took over the country on 22 May 2014, people did not have a lot of opportunities to be a part of the country administration, which is deemed undemocratic.

Eight sectors taking part in this seminar included agriculturalists, students from King Prajadhipok’s Institute, Thai youngsters, representatives from both the government and the private sector, scholars, police officers, veterans, and people with disabilities. All of the information gathered at the seminar will be forwarded to the NCPO in order for the council to draw up a reform plan according to these suggestions.

Not only will it reform the country’s administrative system, the national reform policy outlined by the NCPO will also shape up all sectors, including state enterprises, which will in turn lead to a sustainable growth and democracy in the nation.