MCAT organizes “English Camp to AEC” for Thai students


BANGKOK, 2 July 2012  – Mahasarakham College of Agriculture and Technology has organized an “English Camp” for Thai students in the North and Northeast to prepare them for the advent of the AEC.

Vice-President of Mahasarakham College of Agriculture and Technology Apimook Supavibool(อภิมุข ศุภวิบูลย์) said that since the aggregation of southeast Asian countries is just around the corner, every country member has been preparing themselves especially in the language area. Due to the fact that English is the universal language, the lingua franca, and is so important in communication, Mahasarakham College is eager to organize an “English Camp toward the AEC” for Thai students and Presidents of each Department of Vocational Education Commission Office. Approximately 415 persons are to join the program. The learning program is divided into 2 sessions: student session and president session, the first of which is to be held from 1-6 July 2012 for 200 students from the North and Northeast.

The main purpose of the English language training is to enable the students to learn, understand and develop a positive attitude in language learning. The students will undergo a hands-on training, using English on a daily basis as a means of communication, which in turn will enhance their perception of the ASEAN economic community integration.

The opening ceremony was presided over by Jariya Sutthichaiya, Director Centre for Project and Programme Evaluation.