Mayor confirms postponement of Music Festival


Details have been announced clearing up the confusion regarding the dates of this year’s international music festival.

Pattaya Mayor Ithipol Kunplume told the press that originally the festival was to be held on the third week of March; however it has now been postponed until the 27th of April

The reason for the delay is that the tourist authority of Thailand is hosting the Miracle Thailand Year project to promote tourism and the musical festival has been moved in order to be part of the project.

Another major consideration is the royal funeral ceremony of Princess Phetcharat Ratchasuda Sirisophaphannawadi which is scheduled for the 9th of  April and so Pattaya City sees  it appropriate to postpone all recreational activities to mourn the funeral.

However the mayor stated that even though the event has been postponed he confirmed that a budget of 20 million baht was allocated to make the festival a huge hit with music lovers and this year the entire beach in Pattaya will be utilized. Full details of the acts will be announced shortly.