Mass wedding for frogs, bullfrogs in Thailand’s Northeast


MAHA SARAKHAM, June 7 – A mass wedding was organised and carried out in this northeastern province of Thailand for a variety of amphibians and some sea animals, during their egg-laying season. 

Maha Sarakham Environment Conservation Association chief Yos Lao-An said the association collaborated with a local community in Borabue district to conduct a mass wedding for frogs, bullfrogs, toads, fish, shellfish, and shrimps at a local school’s garden there.

The wedding was conducted much like the way Thais do such matters — with an engagement procession, dowry giving, a Buddhist religious ceremony and a wrist-binding ceremony with sacred string.

After the wedding, the animals were released into the garden –a restricted area– for good fortune and for successful breeding during the egg-laying season.

Mr Yos said usually amphibians like frogs, bullfrogs and toads are popular in the local cuisine among northeastern Thais, which causes a sharp drop in the number of animals’ availability for breeding.

Chemical use, insecticides as well as pesticides are another reason for such decrease. Therefore, Mr Yos said the wedding was held in a restricted area in part to prevent the general public from catching the creatures before they multiply. (MCOT online news)