Marine Department to stop illegal waste disposal around Ko Sichang


CHONBURI – Chonburi Province has instructed the Marine Department to care for the oceanic environment along Ko Sichang, as illegal discharges of oil has damaged the area’s ecology and tourism.

Governor of Chonburi Province Komsan Ekachai met with related officials to address environmental concerns of the area as the area’s ecology has been damaged by illegal dumping of waste, dirty water from boat-cleaning process and discharges of oil. The waste then gets carried by waves and washes ashore on beaches in Bangsaen and Pattaya. This process also kills marine wildlife in these waters.

Currently, the Ko Sichang Municipality lacks the jurisdiction to enforce regulations, as the responsibility rests with the Marine Department. Mr Komsan has therefore urged the department to be on the lookout for waste disposal activities and prosecute those that violate the law.