Marine Department steps up measures to prevent invasion of public waters


AYUTTHAYA, 1 Dec 2014,  The Marine Department has stepped up its measures to prevent encroachment on public waters after officials discovered several cases of the offense in the Chaophraya and the Pahsak Chonlasit Rivers.

Director of the Marine Department Region 2 office, Wilawan Siringampen, disclosed that her agency had adopted several measures to prevent the encroachment on public waters at the two rivers. The measures included having officials patrol the areas frequently, giving suggestions and warnings to the locals on the issue.

Aside from those measures, the department had also been improving the area’s maritime transportation quality by preventing further erosion, dredging canals, marking the route for ships, and installing CCTV cameras to monitor the areas.

According to Ms. Wilawan, there are presently about 10 cases of public waters encroachment pending in court.


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