Manufacturers warned not to adjust prices as minimum wage increase not in effect yet


The Ministry of Commerce today warned manufacturers not to raise prices of their products as the new minimum wage announced by the Minimum Wage Committee still needs to get endorsement by the Cabinet before it goes into effect.


Warning by the ministry’s permanent secretary Ms Wiboonlasana Ruamraksa came after the wage committee announced an average 5-10 baht increase in minimum wage for 69 provinces last week.

She made clear that as the Cabinet has not yet approved the wage increase, manufacturers have no reason to exploit the announcement and adjust prices of their products, citing reason of higher cost.

She said if any manufacturer has raised prices, the ministry would summon them for a meeting immediately.

She also asked the people for help and report the ministry at Hotline 1569 so that prompt legal action would be dealt with these opportunists.

Besides, the ministry will continue to check prices of goods at fresh markets weekly to ensure that all prices remain unchanged after the wage increase announcement.