Man escapes death by stray bullet


At 1.50am on August 7th the police were alerted that 27 year old Worapong Umkamnerd, closely escaped death from a bullet whilst he was driving along Thepprasit road.

He had a graze on his head and was given first aid by the paramedics, he stated to the police that he was driving with some friends past the futsal stadium when he heard a loud bang as two bullets hit his car one went through the bottom of the door and the other went through the window catching him on the head, he sped off to avoid additional harm and contacted the authorities.

A few millimeters lower and this man may well have suffered more critical injuries.

Police found a 0.38 mm bullet in the car and surmised that this was not a planned shooting but rather some brainless teenagers shooting at will.

What has Pattaya turned into now where gun crime is a daily occurrence?

Man escapes death by stray bullet