Man drowns after truck swept into a stream


A man drowned behind the wheel of his pick-up truck which was swept by strong currents into a raging stream in Muang district of Kanchanaburi province on Thursday.


Witnesses said that the victim, later identified as 71-year old Mr Sompote Tuangkuey, tried to drive through a heavily-flooded rural road despite their shouts for him not to because of the strong currents.

The truck was swept by the strong currents into a nearby overflowing stream and sank.

After being alerted of the incident, rescue workers were rushed to the scene to look for the sunken car and to try to help the driver. It took them about three hours to locate the sunken truck about 50 metres from the spot where it was last seen.

A crane was later employed to lift the truck out of the raging stream with the driver drowned and stuck inside the front seat.