Man arrested for using counterfeit ringgit


YALA, 22 July 2012  – At the provincial police station in Betong district of Yala province, Police Colonel Suwat Wongpaiboon, superintendent of the Betong police station, revealed to the media that they had arrested a man for using counterfeit Malaysian currency. 

The criminal, named Mr. Somkiat U-seng, aged 32, was apprehended for using fake Malaysian banknotes. The amount he used totaled 1,000 ringgit, or 10,000 THB. He spent the counterfeit money at various entertainment venues, including traditional massage parlors and the café at the Betong City Plaza hotel.

Business owners in the area had previously filed complaints with the police, and officers were dispatched to arrest Mr. Somkiat on an alleged charge of knowingly passing counterfeit foreign currency, as well as fraud. The suspect admitted to receiving the fake money from a friend, who was a Malaysian tourist. He had intended to use the money only for nighttime activities.