Malaysian man commits suicide


On the morning of July the 23rd police and Sawang Boriboon foundation volunteers were called to the parking lot of building D of the Niran Condominium in Soi Arunothai in the centre of town.

On the ground was the body of 25 year old Muhammadsyafiq Bin Abu Ani, a Malaysian national who was reported to have jumped from the 14th floor balcony.

The balcony from where the tourist jumped from.The balcony from where the tourist jumped from.

They also found a suitcase, sandals and a return flight ticket on the stair way of the hallway

Apparently the man was not residing in the condo and had simply used it to end his life, there was no suicide note and police can only speculate on why the man had decided to commit suicide.

His body was removed by the Sawang Boriboon foundation and the police will contact the Malaysian embassy.

Malaysian man commits suicide