Major drug bust by Sattahip police


As part of their regional clean-up campaign, Sattahip police recently conducted a sting operation upon Thai and Cambodians drug dealers.

The police were aware that the gang was using a black Toyota truck which they spotted at Sattahip Tesco Lotus on Sukhumvit Highway.  The police charged in and arrested two Thai men plus five Cambodians, including two women and one young boy.

Upon interrogation one of the gang members, 20 years old Cambodian Tee Too, confessed to police that he transported the drugs by wrapping them in a condom and inserting them up his back passage.  Following a full body search police found 500 amphetamine tablets that were being hidden in this way.

Tee Too told police that he often used this method for transporting the drugs from the border at Ta Praya district in Sa Kaew province.  He said he hired a truck for 1,800 baht to take him and his fellow countrymen from the border to Sattahip district.

The Cambodian said he alone had transported the drugs this way 10 times before but that this time he wasn’t so lucky.  He said his operation had transferred over 5 million amphetamine tablets into Thailand during the past few years alone.

Major drug bust by Sattahip police