Magnitude 4 earthquake hits Ranong


RANONG, June 4 –  An earthquake measuring 4 on the Richter scale jolted Thailand’s southern province of Ranong this afternoon, centreing on the provincial seat. 

The 12:49pm tremors were felt at Khao Niwet sub-district but there was no immediate report of damage, according to the National Disaster Warning Centre.

The quake was the strongest earthquake in the province this year, with residents in Khao Niwet sub-district feeling the shake most strongly. No damage was reported at dams, buildings or homes in Ranong and adjacent provinces.

Frightened residents evacuated to higher ground as a precaution after feeling the shake and hearing loud noises. No agencies could initially explain what happened.

Officials at the provincial Disaster Warning and Mitigation Office later confirmed that there had been an earthquake and that its epicentre may have been at the provincial seat.

Meanwhile, forest runoff and heavy downpours caused flooding of some 30 households in La-un district. Palm and rubber plantations in the province were also damaged by the flood.

The authorities said the situation remain worrisome as incessant rain continued in conjunction with high tides.