Luggage inspection officials go on strike at Suvarnabhumi airport


About 300 luggage inspection employees working at Suvarnabhumi international airport went on strike on Monday to demand bonus payment and better fringe benefits.

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Representatives of the striking workers of ASM Security Management Company and the management later held talks to discuss the workers’ demands.

It was reported that the management agreed to adjust the basic monthly pay of the workers from 9,000 baht to 9,300 baht and referred to rest of the demands which included bonus payment to the board for consideration. The management also asked the striking workers to resume working which was rejected outright.

The management later asked workers who wanted to return to work to sign up and those who didn’t to return home. Most workers however refused to sign up and, eventually, returned home, but they vowed to return on Tuesday to hear the response from the management about their unfulfilled demands.

To solve the problem of luggage handling, the Suvarnabhumi airport authority mobilized security officials of the airport and also those from Don Meuang airport to take over the job.

Also about 40 luggage inspectors from Phuket airport were also sent to Suvarnabhumi international airport to replace the strikers on temporary basis.