Lt.Gen.Paradorn: Details of Thai -BRN talks are possibly revealed early July


BANGKOK, 17 June 2013 – The Secretary General of the National Security Council says results of the latest round of the talks between the Thai Government and the BRN will be possibly revealed in early July, pending approvals of the information by both sides. 

Lt.Gen.Paradorn Pattanatabutr said both sides will have to submit respective information concluded from the talk to each other for approval via Malaysia which is acting as mediator, before it can be released.

Regarding the 5 requests made by the BRN during the peace talks, Lt-Gen Paradorn said both sides need time to tune their understanding and adjust information before they sit and discuss which points in the proposals could be done.

As for other militant groups which still disagree with the peace talks, Lt.Gen.Paradorn said the BRN had accepted to further discuss with those groups, to settle problems of misunderstandings. Lt.Gen. Paradorn also disclosed that illegal oil traders with connections to local and national politicians are reportedly supporting southern militants. He termed the finding as appalling threat to national security.

Touching on a call to upgrade the current talks with the BRN to a negotiating level, the NSC Secretary General viewed the issue as still too soon, saying the matter should wait at least until the end of Ramadan to see whether there are new developments in the southern situation.