Lotto retailers abide by 80-baht pricing rule


TRAT, 4 June 2015 – Lottery retailers across the country obediently abide by the government’s 80-baht pricing rule, which kicks off today.

In the eastern province of Trat, lotto buyers have reacted warmly to the June 16 drawing by snapping up lottery tickets with their favorite numbers. In Chonburi province, lottery buyers’ reception of the 80-baht lottery tickets is similar to their like-minded fellows’ in other parts of the country.

Down South, the newly-announced lotto pricing has led to some retailers running out of lotto tickets. The high demand drove some sellers to resort to buying lotto from their fellow vendors, resulting in calls for the government to increase their quota on lottery tickets.

The issuance of 80-baht lottery tickets came after the government’s announcement of tough measures, which included assets scrutiny and prosecution, against uncooperative sellers.