Lone robber beaten up following a bungled gold shop holdup


A lone robber was badly beaten up and caught after his attempt to rob a gold shop at a shopping mall in Bang Yai area failed forcing him to seize a nine-year old girl as a hostage.

According to Bang Yai police, the lone robber whose identity was not known, walked into the gold shop with a knife at about 2.30 pm Friday but his robbery attempt was foiled by security guards.

So the robber grabbed a nine-year old who was strolling at the mall as a hostage as he tried to negotiate a safe exit. However, some of the shoppers then rushed upon him to rescue the girl and then beat him up.

The girl escaped unharmed but the robber was later taken to a hospital in Nonthaburi for medical treatment before he was taken to Bang Bua Thong police station for detention.