Police examine alleged exam cheat evidence at Rangsit Uni


Pakklong Rangsit police went to Rangsit University to examine evidence pertaining to the recent entrance examination cheats and to question three witnesses.

Deputy director of the university, Mr Natthapol Promsit, thanked the police for arriving at the campus to examine the evidence, saying that there is a huge pile of documents and it will be inconvenient for him to bring them to the police station.

Meanwhile, the Police Ordnance Department sent a police squad to the campus to examine the examination rooms to look for suspicious items such as receivers which can be used in exam cheats.

The university administration has also asked for scanners to be deployed on the examination days on May 31-June 1.

Three students applying for seats in medical science and dentistry faculties were caught cheating. University officials seized a pair of glasses equipped with miniature camera and two wristwatch receivers from the alleged cheaters.