Local councilor loses his chairs


A report was made to Banglamung police Tuesday that a burglary had taken place at Pattaya City Council member Sanit Boonmachai’s house at Garden View 3 village in Naklua.

A number of rattan chairs had been stolen and quick acting police soon stopped a pick-up truck that had the very same chairs in the back.  The vehicle was being driven by a 34 year old Thai man, Pornanand Chaisura, accompanied by 30 year old Thai-Brit, Jimmy Walker.

Pornchai, the truck owner, said he was hired by Jimmy to take the chairs from the house to be sold on later at a second-hand garage sale.

He said he had done four similar jobs for Jimmy Walker and got paid 300-400 baht each trip.

Police were unable to work out if Mr. Walker was slightly unstable or simply inebriated – however he did eventually start to make sense and finally confessed that they broke into the house to take the items to resell them at a garage that supposedly belonged to a Banglamung police officer.

The detained pick-up truck with the rattan chairs on board.The detained pick-up truck with the rattan chairs on board.

Police searched the garage and found 2 stolen wooden doors, and 3 more at different garages. They were kept as evidence.

Both men were transferred to Banglamung police station for further questioning.

Local councilor loses his chairs