Livestock Dept takes steps to contain price slumps for chicken eggs


BANGKOK, 6 April 2018  – The Department of Livestock confirmed that it has inspected the falling prices of eggs which are expected to rise in mid-April.

Livestock Department Director General Aphai Sutthisang disclosed that small-sized layer farmers nationwide had called on the government to continually solve the price slumps due to the oversupply of chicken eggs by reducing the number of imported layer breeders from 600,000 to 300,000 or 400,000 per year.

For a short-term solution, the Ministry of Commerce will urgently help small-scale chicken farmers through the distribution of their eggs to the government’s Blue Flag outlets to absorb incoming egg supplies, said the Livestock Department director general.

Small-scale farmers can lodge complaints with the ministry over reports that large-scale chicken farms had increased production and offered to sell eggs at lowered prices, he said.