Livestock Department to propose animal protection bill


NAKHON PHANOM, 21 August 2011- The Livestock Development Department has submitted a bill aimed at alleviating the animal abuse and exploitation. 

The bill, if approved by the House, will enable authorities to impose harsher punishment on people involved in animal smuggling as well as owners who fail to give their pets a proper care.

Meanwhile, the President of Nakhon Phanom Chamber of Commerce commented that there should be a law allowing legal elimination of stray dogs to ensure public safety and to put an end to the smuggling of dogs.

The move comes after the rescue of 1,800 dogs in Nakhon Phanom. The dogs which were destined for a neighboring country are kept in Nakhon Phanom Animal Quarantine Station. Nearly half of them died due to injuries. Thirteen dogs have been reclaimed by their owners

Donation money has reached 17 million THB so far.