ABAC Poll: People prefer Thaksin to remain uninvolved with Yingluck’s gov


BANGKOK, 21 August 2011- ABAC Poll revealed that the majority of the 2193 correspondents in 17 different provinces preferred that no provisions in the Constitution should be amended as part of the national reconciliation policy. More than 52% stressed that violence should not be a result from amending the Constitution for reconciliation. 

The majority of the respondents feel that amending the Constitution should not be the sole purpose for benefiting certain particular groups. Furthermore, more than 70% felt that fixing the Constitution was an on-going, sensitive issue and needed not to be dealt with expeditiously. Furthermore, a majority of them understand that conflict would be inevitable and is prepared for any dispute.

In addition, almost 80% needs the government to hastily act upon solving high living costs. More than 65% agreed to excluding Thaksin Shinawatra’s roll and influence from Yingluck Shinawatra’s new government and that the country should be independent from any benefactor.