Leading candidates woo Bangkok’s eligible voters


BANGKOK, Feb 18 – Democrat party candidate Sukhumbhand Paribatra pledged to uplift Bangkok to become a metropolis for tourism, if elected to head the City Hall, while the ruling Pheu Thai party candidate Pongsapat Pongcharoen focused on his seamless policy to develop Bangkok smoothly with the Pheu Thai-led government.

Democrat candidate Sukhumbhand running on No.16 spoke at a Bangkok hotel with representatives from Tourism Council of Thailand on Monday, saying he would re-organise inner Bangkok in terms of green areas, transportation, street signs and signboards with English and Chinese provided, while asking the council to collaborate with City Hall to create a smartphone application giving information about Bangkok, including Halal restaurants and water-borne tourism.

The former Bangkok governor, at another event in a nearby neighbourhood, also said more closed-circuit television (CCTV) monitors will be installed, and that he would try to link the CCTV system with the private sector’s network of 200,000 CCTVs throughout the capital, which would help save costs. He added he wished to make Bangkok to be like New York so the Thai capital would become ASEAN’s metropolis.

Meanwhile, Pheu Thai candidate Pongsapat No.9 also shared his vision with those from Tourism Council of Thailand.

He focused on his seamless policy platform but said even though he and the government are the same party, checks and balance mechanisms will definitely run on course.

On tourism, Mr Pongsapat said, despite his slight knowledge on the matter, he will support Bangkok tourism with all means possible, including building a tramway, a scenic point in the heart of Bangkok, floating markets, as well as developing suburban areas as tourist attractions.

He added that a Bangkok governor cannot work alone but must work with the government and think out of the box. If the government does not work with him, he will certainly be a voice for Bangkokians’ interest.