Laos woman gets the better of Thai businessman


46 year old Manop Rithniran alerted police that thousands of baht of his property had been stolen from his room at the Lee Garden Apartment.

He explained to the police that he owned many apartments in Pattaya and that a few days earlier he had met a good looking woman from Laos her name is Ann Phuchao 19 years old and had come to Pattaya looking for work.

Shrewd in business but too quick to trust, as this man was ripped off by a young woman

Manop offered her 1,500 baht for sex and he also invited her to live with him and kept her identification card and border pass as security.

On the day of the incident she borrowed Manop’s motorcycle stating that she was going to the beauty salon, however she didn’t return so he checked her shoulder bag to find that 55,000 baht along with a 2 baht gold necklace, an amulet and 1 mobile phone were missing.

He searched for his motorcycle and found it at the Bangjak Station in North Pattaya, where one of the staff told him he had seen the woman get into a van and leave. The police took his statement and are examining CCTV at the bus station and Manop is offering a reward of 20,000 baht for anyone that can offer information as to the whereabouts of Ms.Phuchao.