Land Transport Dept reports 569 public transport drivers violated law


BANGKOK, 14th May 2017  – The Land Transport Department has found hundreds of cases of law violations by public transport owners and drivers.

Land Transport Department Director-General Sanit Promwong said this week that officers from the department have recently been going out to inspect how the public transport service is being provided across the country.

Mr. Sanit said that officers have focused on issuing fines and offering advice on how to offer a quality service to members of the public.

In April alone, the department conducted inspections of 17,173 public buses, vans, taxis and motorcycle taxis in Bangkok and 569 of them were found to be in violation of law, he said

According to records, 280 taxi drivers turned down passengers while 178 passenger vans were found to be substandard vehicles, and 113 motorcycle taxi drivers did not use approved vehicles or failed to produce proper licenses.

Mr. Sanit said that all of them will be ordered to attend a training session to learn more about quality service and their responsibilities towards passengers.