Lampang province celebrates Thailand’s Elephant Day


LAMPANG, March 10 – Thailand’s National Elephant Institute is planning to celebrate the country’s Elephant Day, organising activities in this northern province for elephant conservation.

Elephant Day falls on March 13 every year.

The institute’s director Nippakorn Singhaputtangkoon said the event is due to be held from March 12-15 as a week for meeting pachyderms and raising awareness on protection of Thai elephants.

Tourists will have up-close experiences with the pachyderms, while there will be parades for elephant conservation starting from the residence of Lampang Governor along local main roads.

Local residents and tourists alike are invited to feed lunch to the elephants while on parades at the town centre.

On Wednesday, there will be a religious ceremony held in the morning in Hang Chat district. Elephants will be led on an alms giving activity to monks at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center (TECC).

Other good luck ceremonies will also be held for the pachyderms, while a feast is being organised for over 60 elephants.

Other activities include an exhibition on elephants, sale of local products, and art and culture performances.