Labour Ministry vows to continue to combat human trafficking


BANGKOK – The Ministry of Labour has vowed to continue combating human trafficking, despite Thailand’s recent upgrade from Tier 3 to Tier 2 on the United States’ Trafficking In Person’s (TIP) Report 2016.


Spokesperson for the Ministry of Labour Theerapol Khunmuang said the agency will maintain its strict measures to prevent human trafficking, especially in the employment of migrant workers in the industrial and fisheries sectors.

According to the spokesperson, the ministry will encourage foreign laborers to enter the local workforce legally, while working with their countries of origin to address the issue collaboratively. Mr. Theerapol added that his ministry has toughened penalties against employers of children under 15 in the agricultural sector and under 18 in fisheries sector.

He also indicated that the upgraded rank in the TIP Report would benefit the export sector, particularly frozen seafood.