Labour Ministry sets 100,000 overseas worker target for 2020


The Minister of Labour has urged support for the Department of Employment raising the target for the number of Thai workers sent abroad to 100,000 persons.

The Minister of Labour Chatumongol Sonakul, revealed today that the ministry has raised the target for Thai workers to be sent abroad in 2020 to 100,000 persons, which is expected to help bring in 140 billion baht revenue to the country. Workers are also encouraged to process registrations required on TOEA website for convenience and speed.

The Department of Employment’s Director General Suchat Pornchaiwiseskul, said today the Minister of Labor has a policy to send Thai workers abroad, with pride and expectations of a good quality of life. In 2020, the department has set the target at 100,000 Thai workers going abroad to high potential countries such as Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and Israel, will be able to improve skills which will be of use to them in Thailand, especially in professions essential for the development of national capabilities. The department has calculated that if this worker target is reached, it will generate at least 140 billion baht in revenue sent to Thailand each year.

In the first 10 months of this year, from January to October 2019, Thailand sent 97,597 workers abroad, with Taiwan receiving the biggest number of 27,226 workers.

“We ask Thai workers to process their immigration applications and work abroad legally, which can be done via agencies, via the Department of Employment for government sponsored programs, from employer provided internship programs abroad, and through jobseekers’ own attempts to find employment abroad.

The Department of Employment also offers self-service employment-seeking registration, travel for employment filing, and re-entry filing services on the electronic platform on, which provides greater convenience, speed, streamlining steps, and reduces the time and cost needed when contacting government offices. The website is available at any time, anywhere. More information about the system can be requested at any provincial employment office, or employment offices in areas 1-10 in Bangkok, or by calling the Ministry of Labour’s hotline 1506 ext 2 to access the Department of Employment,” Mr Suchat said.