Labour Ministry prepares market for aging workforce


BANGKOK, 25 June 2015 – The Labour Ministry is adjusting regulations in order to widen opportunities for ageing workforce in line with a shift in the pattern of Thai society in the next 3-4 years, according to Permanent Secretary for Labour Nakorn Silpa-archa. 

Nikom said the Subcommittee on Employment Opportunity Promotion for Older Persons has drawn up short, medium and long-term action plans to meet the need of the ageing population as the number of young workers will start declining in the next few years.

These plans were proposed by relevant authorities featuring short-term measures for implementation in 1-2 years, followed by medium-term plan of 3-5 years and the long term solutions. The Subcommittee will set up a working group to draw up an appropriate roadmap pertaining to jobs and working conditions for the ageing population to be implemented in 2016.

Nakorn said the government was concerned over unparalleled growth of the older population as its consequences affect Thailand’s productivity.

“Because the number of young workforce is declining, the Labour Ministry sees a need to improve quality of life of older persons. We will encourage them to prepare themselves for retirement and will support them with retraining and re-employment,” said Nakorn.