Kratom use spreads in Phuket

Vice Governor of Phuket, Sanit Sriwihokb.
Vice Governor of Phuket, Sanit Sriwihokb.

Phuket – Kratom has become the most widely available illegal narcotic in Phuket despite efforts to suppress drug abuse, says an official.

The Vice Governor of Phuket, Sanit Sriwihok, said authorities have been working to tackle drug abuse on the island but there continues to be an increase in drug use, with Kratom now the most popular, followed by Ya Ba pills, crystal meth, and cannabis.

He said the province is now on high alert against the spread of heroin as there have been heroin-related arrests every month, including five cases in May 2018.

The vice governor added that officials from all related agencies have been instructed to be on high alert and implement drug prevention and suppression measures, as well as block the smuggling of drugs onto the island by land, sea, or air. This includes the prevention of drug smuggling in ordinary postal packages sent via private carriers.