Koh Samui is threatened with undisposed garbage totaling about 250,000 tonnes


A huge mountain of accumulated garbage is threatening the image and tourism potential of Koh Samui and the problem is steadily worsening as the only incinerator of the municipality has been inoperational for about eight years.


Mr Anond Wathayanont, a member of the development committee of Koh Samui municipality, said that the undisposed garbage, estimated at about 250,000 tonnes had been left abandoned around the malfunctioned incinerator and had piled up as high as a three-storey building.

Moreover, about 150 tonnes of garbage are generated each day from households and tourism-related establishments, adding up to the garbage which are not disposed of, he added and blamed the rapid expansion of tourism business for contributing to increasing garbage problem.

The municipality has tried to address the problem by hiring a private sector to dispose of the garbage but has to terminate the contract later on because of poor performance, said Mr Anond, adding that the municipality has sought financial help from the government to fix the incinerator but help is yet to come.

As an alternative while the incinerator remains out of order, the municipality has launched publicity campaign urging households and business operators to separate garbage into garbage which can be recycled and garbage which needs to be disposed of.