Khon Kaen evacuates villagers in face of flowing dam water


Khon Kaen – Villagers have been evacuated to safe areas in the face of flowing water from Ubol Ratana dam in a bid to minimize damage caused by flooding.

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Deputy provincial governor Santi Laoboonsangiam said authorities had decided to increase the volume of the water released from the dam to 54 million cubic meters, compared to 50 million cubic meters earlier discharged. The water situation prompted the evacuation of the villagers and animals for safety reasons.

He said most affected areas included farms and some residential areas in Nam Pong, Ubol Ratana, Phu Wiang, Nong Ruea, Wiang Kao and Nong Na Kham districts as well as provincial seat area.

A total of 15 districts in Khon Kaen have been affected by the flooding so far, he said. He reassured the public that the discharge rate of the dam water has reached its maximum rate of flow.