Khao Yai National Park bushfire exacerbates air pollution problem, damages natural resources


PRACHINBURI – The Prachinburi Governor has vowed to extinguish the fire in the Mot Deang hill in Khao Yai National Park. The blaze is exacerbating the air pollution problem, in addition to damaging valuable natural resources in the forest.

Governor Pibul Hattakitkosol reported that that the provincial administration and related units have been fighting the fire since February 21st.

He pointed out that firefighters face immense challenges, such as dry leaves, hot weather and unfavorable wind conditions, which are fueling the blaze which has already spread to parts of the capital district.

The Governor said the Royal Thai Air Force has sent helicopters to locate and eliminate several hot spots, in an attempt to contain the fire from further damaging the national park. Earlier, the Ministry of Interior also dispatched a helicopter unit to provide assistance in the operation.

He expressed his gratitude to locals for volunteering to help fight the blaze and for providing food and drink to firefighters. The Governor also urged locals to refrain from engaging in any outdoor burning, in order to avoid causing fires in the future.